RDRAM Installation

I just received the 512 MB RDRAM (2 - 256MB modules.) Thanks for the prompt service. I have a question about the ability to add these two modules of RDRAM to my Dell Dimension 8100's existing 128 MB of memory module(s). Until now, I thought I had to replace the existing memory with the new memory rather than adding to the existing memory - which in this case would mean the difference between 512MB and 64MB of total memory. After reading the Installation instructions and the Intel.com page on Desktop Boards, it appears that: If my computer's current 128 MB of RDRAM is composed of two - 64 MB PC800 modules in Bank 0, and the desktop board has two banks (Bank 0 and Bank 1) then can I just replace the two continuity modules in Bank 1 with the two 256MB modules; If the current 128 MB of RDRAM is composed of just one - 128 MB module, or of two 64MB PC600 modules, then I must remove the 128 MB and replace it with the two 256 modules I just purchased.

As the Dimension series requires installation in pairs, you should have 2 x 64mb currently installed to yield your 128mb.
This does leave two free slots open, which should be currently occupied by continuity rimms.
Simply pull these green rimms out and install the new memory (2x256) and you will be able to utilize your old memory with the new memory for a total of 640mb.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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